Who I Am

I spend way to much time reading, buying and trying makeup and beauty products. I got the makeup bug after surviving a 5 year battle with drug addiction. I ended up doing 2 years in prison and this is where I got my first couple of years of sobriety under my belt, probably saving my life.. 

When I came home from my incarceration I had gained 40 pounds and was so down on myself. The internet was my goto for trying to find myself in a new world. I had been away in prison for only 2 years but you have to count the 5 I was submerged into my addiction, that's a 7 year total. 

My dear mother loved makeup but didn't wear it that often. She worked hard and spent a ton of time focused on her job. She was a CT technologist and an X-ray Tech for almost 40 years when she passed away. I always loved makeup but didn't really know anything other than your basics. I turned to YouTube and found a whole new genre of collecting and hobbies using makeup and makeup tutorials. I had never heard of Sephora or Ulta. The only alternative to makeup at the drugstore I knew about was the makeup counter at the department stores. My mother had taken me for makeovers when I was a teenager.

I always had a focus problem. I would change interests almost as often as I changed clothes, I do believe this lent itself to my addiction. I believe this also caused me to have a hard time finding things very interesting or starting a hobby that I stuck with longer than a few months. The one thing I have stuck with is my love of makeup. I have learned so much in the last almost 5 years. Now I want to share it with you. I am not a makeup artist and I haven't had any formal training. The qualifications I have are trial and error. I found out I had hooded eyes and I am 40 years old. That took out so many of the online tutorials for me. I had to figure it out for myself taking this part of this tutorial and another part of that tutorial. I hope I can help you in your journey as I still navigate my own.

Just a little information about other parts of my life. I have been married to my wonderful husband Chris since January 16, 1998. We dated when I was 16 and then split up like young people do to find each other again 8 years later. He is and has always been the love of my life. Chris is my 2nd husband and was a wonderful father to my son Hunter. He loved him as much as any father can love a son and I thank him everyday for being such a wonderful man. With him by my side I know I can do anything, we can do anything.

My son is now 19 years old. He graduated high school in 2013 and plans to attend college in the fall. He has a wonderful job that most 19 year old young men only dream about. He is one of the most intelligent people I know and like my mother dreamed for me, I want him to have it all.

Thank you for reading my bio and following my blog. This is something I do first for myself but sharing it with you is what makes it special. I dedicate this to my mother, she always believed I could do anything. I miss her so.

Much Love and God Bless,


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