Monday, June 23, 2014

On The Daily, Part 1

Hi guys, thanks for coming back.

So I have been struggling as I have said in previous posts with just having enough room to move around.  I’m sure a lot of you know if you are unorganized and there is a lot of clutter around it’s very hard to think.  Your mind is in the same shape as your surroundings.  So even though I have things as well organized as possible it’s still pretty bad.  I have put all of my plans for this blog, future YouTube channel and most importantly my nonprofit on hold until we move.  The problem is we haven’t, I thought we would have found something and I would have been completely unpacked and half way to normal long before now.  I believe everything happens for a reason and my grandmother has really needed someone here for the first time ever.  She is very independent and has never had any health issues until lately.  I have touched briefly on her pinched nerve and if everything goes as planned after Monday, and a 2nd steroid injection, she will be back to doing everything she has always done for herself.  For 86 years old she is defiantly an exception to the rule and I admire her very, very much.  (BTW The injection went very well!)

I was watching my YouTube subscription videos this morning, as usual, and everyone has been doing a summer essentials video.  I decided I would do a daily essentials because I have never done a GRWM or anything similar so this is it.  I have found some true holy grail products in the last couple of months.  Since I am struggling to get everything else off the ground I figured this would be easy since everything in this blog post is kept very close and it’s not packed in a box, stacked in a closet or way back in the back of a large storage building.  I’ve gone back and cut this into a 2 part series because it was getting so long I don’t want to bore you guys so lets get started…

Skin Prep

Tea Tree Soap: I have talked extensively about my skin care routine on this blog.  I am still using the Theraderm once a day in the evening.  In the morning I wash my face with an organic Tea Tree soap.  Since I am using so much at night and I believe it is possible to over exfoliate and take away natural oils your skin needs I keep it simple in the morning.  This just keeps my face free of bacteria and preventing any bacterial breakouts.  Be careful not to get Tea Tree oil in your eyes, it is very irritating and it burns badly.

truth serumOle Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster: Since I got the 3 little wonders from Sephora I have used them all up with the exception of this serum.  I use it after I wash my face and it seems to brighten my skin.  It claims to have many benefits like supporting natural cell turnover, repairing cell damage as well as providing natural vitamin C.  It smells good too.  A little bit goes a long way and I believe I will repurchase this when it’s empty.

protect the truthOle Henriksen Protect the Truth SPF 50+: This was one of the products that came in the Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit that I included in my Birthday Haul post.  I firmly believe in wearing SPF everyday no matter what the season is, I believe my lack of sun exposure and tanning bed ban has directly kept my skin looking very youthful and healthy.  This is a great one that has vitamin C in it and gives you the extra protection from the sun with the high SPF.  It doesn’t smell like SPF and has the wonderful vitamin C and great orange aroma.  It blends in easily and is sheer enough to wear under your favorite moisturizer.

moisturizerTheraderm Facial Moisturizer: Thick, oil free moisturizer that is included in my skin care system.  I use it twice a day both as my moisturizer under my makeup in the morning as well as my nighttime moisturizer after my nightly skin care routine using my Theraderm system.  I’ve done a few posts about the Theraderm you can go back and read if you are interested in this system by Therapon, the above link is for the entire 12 posts that include Theraderm.

Hourglass primerHourglass N° 28 Primer Serum: I love this primer!  It is expensive so I don’t use it daily but I would if it was more reasonably priced.  This does however come in 2 sizes 0.33 for $22.00 or 1.0 FL oz for $65.00 on  My foundation goes on effortlessly and stays put all day even in this heat and humidity.  The serum is so silky and I love the feel of it on my skin.  It is oil based and my dry skin drinks it in but it doesn’t have a greasy feel to it at all.  I just really love Hourglass products I wish they weren’t so expensive but the ones I’ve tried so far are worth every penny.

It Cosmetics CCIt Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+: If you haven’t seen or read anything about this product from It Cosmetics you are living under a rock.  This is one of those products people are passionate about, they either love it so much or really just hate it.  Most, including myself love it.  I have some really uneven skin tone and most CC creams just do not have the coverage I need to feel comfortable.  This is the first one I’ve tried that is absolutely full coverage with options.  You can sheer this out to cover like a traditional CC cream or you can build it up for the full coverage you would only expect out of a liquid or cream foundation.  The “+” is it is good for your skin and it has an SPF of 50 without all of the usual unwanted effects of wearing a heavy SPF.  The only thing I dislike about this product is the price.  It is comparable to any mid range price of foundation but I love it so much I use it every day and that can get expensive.  You get 1.08 FL oz. for $38.00.  I did find it on QVC for $34.68 plus $4.47 S&H so you really aren’t saving anything unless you can find it on flex pay and you can spread the cost across a couple of months.  QVC also offers this on auto delivery every 60 days and if you can catch it on TSV you can lock in the price offered that day.

I went ahead a chopped this post down as well.  I talk a lot in my day to day life so I guess it directly translates to my blogging, sorry if it's to long.  Thanks again and I will follow with the rest of my daily favorites here in a day or so.  

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