Wednesday, June 11, 2014

As Requested Epielle BB Cream Review

Hi guys, thanks for coming back.

So I had a reader comment today about wanting a review for the Epielle BB Cream sold at Big Lots and other discount locations.

Lulu June 10, 2014 at 10:57 PM
“Yes, please if you can do a review of the Epielle BB cream, that would be great. Our Grocery Outlet sells it for $1.99. A great deal for a made in Korea bb cream, I think.”

If you are a Big Lots shopper you might already be familiar with the makeup removing wipes that this company sells that come in a couple of different options.  I know there is a cucumber and maybe 3 or more different kinds with this brand.  They retail for I believe a $1.00 for 50 wipes and I’ve used them fairly often with good results.  I never had any resulting breakouts or negative reaction to them.  The wipes themselves are medium size, soft and do a great job of taking off your makeup and even hard to remove eye makeup.

The BB cream was something I had seen in a blog post somewhere and was excited to see in my local Big Lots.  I had a post where I boasted about how wonderful the H&B department was at my location and in it I had listed this BB cream with a promise of review and I’m sorry it took Lulu asking for it.  In all honesty I had forgotten because I no longer use this product. 

At first I thought the BB cream was wonderful.  It seem to have great coverage for a BB cream and when mixed with my foundation, Estee Lauder Resilience Lift and buffed in, it created a dewy finish.  It wasn’t until I was in the car on day 2 of wearing it.  I looked in the mirror in the day time after wearing it for only a couple of hours and noticed it was breaking up, bad, especially around my nose and across my forehead at my hairline.  The finish was nothing like it had been when I first put it on.  Just for information I do have dry / combo skin so I was very surprised it was doing this on my face.  I’ve seen this more with oily skin, but haven’t experienced it much myself. 

Shortly after buying this BB cream I bought the It Cosmetics CC cream from QVC and really forgot about the Epielle BB Cream.  I am sorry to say that I was just so unhappy with it in the car that day that once I was wearing the It Cosmetics product I just packed it away and forgot about it.  If you read my blog often you are aware of my current living situation and our desperate hunt for a house, which we still haven’t found.  So room is very limited here at my Nannies house not really in area but in the fact that it’s her house and I’m trying to keep all my makeup and products put away best I can.  I have already taken over the formal dinning room table for a dressing table.

So in closing would I recommend getting the Epielle BB Cream?  Yes and No, if you are young with great skin, sure give it a try but if you have any problematic skin or aging skin, I might spend my $2.00 on a bottle of Wet and Wild polish or any of the other great beauty find at Big Lots.  On second thought who am I to judge.  Grab and bottle and go to town!  We are all beautiful no matter how good the Epielle BB Cream works. 

Thanks a million Lulu I hope this helps and thanks for reading my blog today.  Every time I see the counter go up  I am so humbled by it.  I am so blessed, thank you so much for coming back.  I promise to blog more often as soon as we move and I am comparing cameras for YouTube videos.  I am working on a full review this weekend of the It Cosmetics CC cream, for the most part I just love everything I have gotten from them. I will be getting my nonprofit, Makeup for a 2nd Chance off the ground soon as well.

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