Monday, May 5, 2014

Big Love, Big Lots

Hi Guys, thanks for coming back.

So I have learned something very, very important.  Not all Big Lots are created equal.  I have been to many Big Lots in many locations and all of the beauty departments are not the same.  Some are big, some are small and some are just right.  My home town location is a gold mine of drugstore brands, sometimes even current product lines.
Example 1: Maybelline Eyestudio Duo #10 Lawless Lavender $2.00

(These are the baked single pan shadows with 2 colors.  I seen the very same one in Kmart today for $6.99)

Example 2:  Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer Light Brown (brow tinted wax) Champagne (highlighter) $2.80

(This is a dual ended retractable pencil)

Example 3: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter #20 Brown Sugar $2.00

Example 4: Maybelline Colorwhisper #250 Nude Shimmer $1.50

Example 5: Epielle BB Cream Light Beige $2.80

As far as I know #5 is a new product made by Epielle.  I have bought the makeup remover wipes made by Epielle at Big Lots and I have always been very happy with them.  I have read one other beauty blogger who reported on this product, however I have just done a swatch on the back of my hand and I would agree with the blogger thus far, WOW.  I used my It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush to just buff it into the back of my hand, for a BB cream it did everything it should and more, including leaving a nice illumination to my skin.  (I used this under my makeup and I really disliked it.  I can’t put my finger on why, especially when I liked it so much previously.  It might do fine if you use it on its own.  I will try it again and give a better review in the next couple of weeks.)

I had mentioned before that I would be moving so we have been knee deep in boxes since last week.  Last night we finally unloaded the last box into a storage unit until we find a house to rent.  We are so unorganized and I have a ton of things to get straightened out so I can post to the blog properly.  I am so sorry I didn’t include pictures in this post.  I will upload them tomorrow, I hope.  I am trying to make sure all of my pictures look good and have a consistent look to them throughout the blog. You can probably tell, if you keep up with my blog, that there has been an improvement to them in the last few posts.

During all of the packing and moving I continued to plan and come up with ideas for my program Makeup for a 2nd Chance.  I believe you will be seeing a name change very soon.  A close friend and I have been brainstorming names and we have it down to just a few.  I am thinking of having a poll to decide what the final name will be.  We both believe that the one we have now is just not the right one.  In the business of a non-profit you want to really get your message across in as few words as possible and that starts in the name.  Of course I would love to hear any suggestions you have in the comment section below.  My next post will be a favorite’s video for April, sorry it’s going to be so late.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Much Love and God Bless,


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  1. Yes, please if you can do a review of the Epielle BB cream, that would be great. Our Grocery Outlet sells it for $1.99. A great deal for a made in Korea bb cream, I think.

  2. I will work on that now Lulu. I know a lot of people beauty shop at Big Lots and are curious.

  3. I sent an email to another blog when I found the epielle bb cream. I use it alone, either by itself or over a light moisturizer.Sometimes I use a light dusting of setting powder and sometimes I don't use powder.I bought both,the darker one matches my nc30-nc35 skin, but purchased the lighter one to mix with other foundations that are a bit dark or orange-a great price to mix with any foundation if the color is a tiny bit off!