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Better Late Than Never, April Favorites!

Hi Guys, thanks for coming back
So as you know I have been a little pre-occupied with moving for the last couple of weeks.  I know I haven't gotten very many p0sts up and I am so very sorry.  I am planning to do an update on the Theraderm Skin Cleansing system, I am still using it and I will be doing a 6 week update.  I will also be writing an update about my nonprofit.

I have been truly blessed with someone who has offered his help in pulling the program together.  He comes with lots of experience, knowledge and many kind words.  I have had a lot of lets say good ideas in the past, I have just had a problem with follow through.  I’ve never had anyone that wanted to help me or just support me emotionally in any of my past endeavors.  I believe it is invaluable to have someone to just tell you “Hey you are doing a good job, keep it up!” or “Hey bad idea, don’t do that, that way!”.  So a huge thank you goes to my new friend Robert.  Check out and and see what kind of guy he really is.  Anyone who would help women in halfway houses with toilet paper, not to mention the kids, well he is a hell of a guy in my book.

On to April favorites…

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Naked Basics

I have really had to streamline and reduce product during all the chaos of our move.  This palette was the first Urban Decay Naked palette I bought and it includes 5 colors and you would think that would really limit your looks, but it doesn't.  Anyone who has used this that I have talked to loves it, as do I.  As with any UD shadow they blend like butter and the pigment is solid.  If I am sitting at my dressing table clueless to what I want to wear on my lids, I reach for this palette.  It’s just easy, reliable and one of my all time favorites, as you can tell by the hint of pan showing through.

Milani Baked Blush #08 Coralina

Milani Baked Blush #08 Coralina

I have been seeing the Milani Baked Blushes for awhile now on YouTube and beauty blogs.  I haven’t had any experience, unfortunately, with any of the marbleized blushes from any brand.  When I found these on sale at CVS I decided to go ahead and take the plunge, it wasn’t like I was buying one of the Hourglass blushes, oh buy I want too.  The color screams spring to me and with the added touch of shimmer it was literally calling my name.  I haven’t worn any blush that contains so much shimmer and I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but it works and I love it.  I’ve not worn very much coral as well but I think this would work on any skin tone, mine is a little more tan than the usual fair complexion I sport most of the year.  It really is lovely on fair, tan or dark skin and my opinion is it would just be magical on women of color.  The formula goes on and blends easily.  It seems to stick with me for at least 6 hours, so great wear time on this drugstore brand.  I really do love most all of the Milani products I have purchased and used as you will be able to tell from my next favorite.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick #27 Dulce Caramelo

This is just a solid lipstick.  It goes with everything from head to toe. It goes on smooth, doesn’t stick to dry patches on your lips, stays in the lines and has great staying power.  It really has become my favorite lipstick.  When I need things to be easy and simple this is just that.  The price doesn't hurt either.  On the Milani site it is priced at $5.49, pick it up at a CVS with a buy 1 get 1 half off and it’s a steal, love it!

So that does it for my makeup favorites.

 I do have a favorite app to tell you about.

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement that they call recipes.  You can control almost everything on your phone.  Settings, other apps, contacts, social media and so much more.  You can create your own recipes or find one already put together for you.  I have one that sends me an email if it is going to rain tomorrow.  Another one that sends out a tweet when I make a new blog post.  IFTTT stands for IF Not This Then That, it has been on the IPhone for awhile but has just now come to the Play Store

Sorry its such a short post but I’m really trying to catch up.  I promise a new name poll for the nonprofit by the end of the week as well as a Theraderm update.  I ask for your continued prayers and thoughts during this time of transition for my family.

Much Love and God Bless,


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