Monday, May 19, 2014

Please Don’t Forget Me, We Got A House and I Am About To Move, AGAIN!!!

Hi guys, thanks for coming back!
If you have begun to wonder if I crawled under a rock and decided not to ever come out again, well close but not exactly.  I had told you about the big move from one state to another, well that took some time and effort.  It also left us scattered from one house to a storage room and beyond.  Also we have been staying with my wonderful Grandmother.  She was kind enough to open up her home to us until we could find a place of our own.  If you follow me on Facebook you already know we found a house this weekend.  We were beginning to get a bit worried.  The housing market in this area for rentals is very limited.  Chattanooga otherwise known as “The Gig City” is in the middle of a huge boom in new business and people moving to the area to open said business’.  The homes that were opening up were few and far between and most apartment complexes were full or close to it.  We really wanted a house though because of our little dog, Dolly, plus we just prefer a house over sharing walls with other families.  We lived in a large complex back in the mid 2000 when we lived in Knoxville, Tennessee and we decided then we would try our best to avoid this type of home in the future. 
So after scanning every rental website and the classifieds we had found a few homes that we were interested in and they were located in the areas that we wanted to live in.  Most important was the location in relation to my husbands employer and praying that it would give him a quick commute to and from work.  We had looked at a house last week that we really liked but unfortunately it was just to small for our needs.  A week ago I was scanning Craigslist and a new ad was posted with what seemed like a perfect house for what we needed.  I called the number and a lovely women answered and told me a bit about the property and told me I could drive by just to see if it was something we might like to see.  So me and a friend drove by last week and I have to say I thought it would be perfect, at least by what I could see on the outside.  I called the lovely lady back and asked if we could see the inside and made a date for yesterday Sunday the 18th.  My requirements for a house were 2 bedrooms, laundry hookups, hardwood floors, fenced backyard and as stated before close to my husbands work.  Check, check, check, check and check!  Can we get it please, please, please?  Chris loved it as much as I did so that wasn’t a hard question to answer for him.  After an hour the owner, Phyllis, her name was a good sign, that was my mother’s name, game us an application and told us she really would like to see us in her mothers home.  We filled out the application, emailed it back to her son whom we had meet and within 15 minutes had our answer, YES!  You can move in this Saturday.
house deck
So not only have I been busy with the first move but I am about to be busy with a 2nd move.  The big difference is this move is going to be moving all of our things into a house that will be ours to decorate, coordinate and do all of this to our liking and taste.  I thought the last move we made would be my last one for awhile but God had a different plan and I am thankful for whatever it may be.
chris and I
Once we are moved in and unpacked somewhat I will return to, at the very least, 2 blog posts a day.  My short term goal is to buy a great camera for not only still pictures of products and swatches but videos.  I’m not sure how comfortable I will be on camera but you never know until you try and I do intend to try really hard.  If you have been reading my blog you also know about my nonprofit Makeup for a 2nd Chance.  I’m still unsure of what the final name will be and I do still intend to hold a poll so I can get your opinions.  It means a lot to have others chime in on this project.  I hope you don’t know what it feels like when you lose your mother who happened to be your best friend like mine was.  She was the trusted opinion and voice of encouragement and reason in my life, I really miss her and I miss not having her speak up on things I am trying.  Even putting on an outfit that I’m just not sure about, without her I’m still unsure. 

Thanks for all your continued support.  I will be posting my birthday haul hopefully within a day or two.  I am going to at the very least put up a post about the move here and there.  If you live in the area and own a truck or trailer, by all means get in touch, lol…

Much Love and God Bless,

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