Saturday, May 10, 2014

CVS Beauty Clearance Sale

Hi guys thanks for coming back.

So I was reading a couple of blogs and I ran across information on the upcoming CVS beauty clearance sale.  This particular blog was saying some locations started the sale. I stopped by one of my local locations and the clerk stated their district doesn't start until the 13th, this was the Rossville Blvd location in Chattanooga Tennessee.

From what I can gather this sale is an epic event with items discounted up to 75%.  The discount doesn't mean discontinued so do not freak out if your favorite lipstick is half off, rejoice and grab as many as you can carry.  I hope to grab as much as I can for my nonprofit makeup program. 

Leave comments for what you find on sale and which location has what if you don't mind.  This blog Nouveau Cheap has a current list of sale locations and items found.  This site is one of my favorite blogs for finding discounts and great ideas to save money.  

I hope to find lots of great buys during this sale in the next week and I hope you can too.

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