Monday, March 10, 2014

Laying the foundation

This is my routine and my opinions. I have based this on many hours of reading, watching videos, and using the products which I have purchased during the last few years.  That being said. .. I told you about my cleansing process in my first post, this is my next step.

Once you have a clean canvas you want to moisturize, moisturize, don't forget to moisturize.  This is so important for keeping wrinkles at bay, keeping your color even and just good skin health.  I've read different opinions about eye creams.  Some say it's just a way to make more money by selling a different product for every part of your face and body.  I've been using the Clinique laser repair that I have gotten in my free gift with purchase.  As I stated in my prior posts I haven't seen a difference in the last 6 months of use. However that doesn't mean I haven't prevented crows feet or other forms of aging.  

Something I have added in the last month is a  Maracuja oil from Tarte. I use my ring-finger to gently dab it under and around the outside corners of my eyes. Once I've done this I take my step 3 moisturizer from Clinique and put it into my palm where I had the oil.  I then add another couple of drops to my hand, combine and massage into my face with an upward motion. I then continue down my neck and onto my décolletage  The next step is important, let it be absorbed before you continue on to primer.  I wait at least 3 minutes, longer if I'm not in a hurry.

I have read so many great reviews about the Feel the Moment Serum Sensory Primer I had to try it. So I am about to turn my beauty regimen on it's ear. I am changing everything. Changing my cleanser to the Theraderm, my primer to the It serum. Guess what, you are along for the ride.

I will post an interview with my Aunt, LIsa Humphrey from the Chattanooga Plastic Surgery Group later in the week. Hope we can find better skin together, 41 is creeping up real quick.

Much love and God Bless,


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