Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thanks Mr. Goss

Hi guys, hope everyone is well. 

Last night I was watching some tutorials on YouTube when I ran across Wayne Goss' s new video on a new way to apply foundation.  As you might imagine I was very skeptical but curious.  I mean this guy always has a tip or two that changes the way I do things when it comes to makeup. He is a truly talented person and a wonderful teacher. 

So normally when I put my Foundation on I of course start with moisturizer then primer then foundation,  most of us do.  Wayne said to follow your primer with setting powder, then your liquid or mineral foundation.  I know, you are like that will never work.  So this morning I tried it.  Wow, huge, huge difference.  Go check his video out at, it will change everything.

On another note... The Theraderm system that I am going to start using is on it's way from my grandmother's house back in Georgia. She is also sending my orders that have shipped to her house. I wasn't sure as to where my permanent address would be so hopefully I will be staying right where I am and I can get my other orders which haven't shipped sent here. If you have used Hautelook you know it can take a month to get your orders. I had a recent experience where my Lorac order shipping date kept changing. Finally they refunded my money and said they were unable to get enough product from the company for the order. Funny how the very next day on Hautelook another Lorac event started. They assured me I would receive this order if I chose to order, which I did. The customer service reps where awesome I have to say. They were very nice and regretful about the issues I was having

So Friday I will start using the Theraderm system, the Dermabrush and the Crown brush set I've ordered. That means I can finally start to get some reviews posted after a month or so on those products.

Much Love and God Bless,


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