Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sally Girl Eye Shadows, first impressions

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So yesterday I posted a picture of the $0.98 Sally Girl eye shadows that you can pick up at Sally Beauty Supply. I have seen these every time I was in a Sally's but hadn't heard anyone review or speak about them until recently. EmilyNoel83 had done a 4 or more tag and she had a nice number of these little guys. What she said was pretty positive about them so I picked 4 of them up yesterday. I was going to wear one or two today but I just couldn't get enough pigmentation out of them for the look I wanted.

I took my NYX HD Eye Shadow Base and used it to test these little fellows out. I wanted to give them every chance in the world. These would be perfect for my program because of the price and availability.  So here is what I found out.

The first one I tried was actually one she had mentioned, Beige.

Remember I laid down the NYX primer on my arm and did the swatch with my finger. I thought because they really have a buttery feel to them that they would be very pigmented but as you can see or can't see, it really left no color at all.

The next one is called Eggplant.

Eggplant did a bit better. The swatch is just one pass and I was able to build the color a little bit. In the swatch I wanted to do each one the same number of times so they could be fairly compared to each other and as a whole.

Auburn is next in our group.

Auburn also did better than Beige and it really preformed better than Eggplant. I think this would be a great fall color or a wash on the lid. The shimmer on this color really stands out well, you could build this color and after a few layers it could probably stand on it's own.

Up next we have Cinnamon.

Cinnamon like Beige is kinda barely there. It might work as a transforming color like the Transforming Perl in the It palette. It could be used as a brow highlight or inner corner pop of shimmer. It does have a warm tone to it and would be useful maybe to warm up other shadows.

First impression is not great. If I needed one color for one event and didn't think I would wear it again I might buy one of these shadows. The texture of the shadow is very nice and I really hate the lack of pigmentation. I'm not real sure of the staying power of these because as I said I did not wear them out today. Let me also say that I absolutely love EmilyNoel83 and I am sure she knows her stuff. This is just a first impression so I have not worn these shadows. With the right primer and know how they might be beautiful. The price makes it a no lose situation so try them yourself, it's just a $1.00.

Sally's was also having 50% off all of their clearance cosmetics and I also picked up a blush by Femme Couture in the color Cupids Arrow. Needless to say I know very well what is meant by "settling into fine lines and wrinkles". I just popped this blush onto my checks to get an idea of how bright the color would be. I looked into my lighted makeup mirror and instantly wanted a face lift. This shadow made my cheeks look like lizard skin. Ouch!! I didn't bother with pictures or swatches. I also picked up one of the Wet n Wild Color Icon shadow collections Walking on Eggshells. Couldn't have been happier and I spent less on it than I did on the 4 Sally Girl shadows. I got one less shadow but I will wear all of those compared to the 4 from Sally's. Just an observation. 

I would like to send a thank you to We Heart ThisEnvyDermChic Peek as well as a few others, they now all follow me on Twitter and I am very humbled and honored.

Continue to watch for updates about the program for women who have been incarcerated Makeup for a 2nd Chance. This is taking off and I can't wait to help my first group of women. I now have a page on LinkedIn and I am making connections everyday. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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  1. I have about 30 of the Sally's Girl shadows, both pressed and baked. Some are better than others but they really need a good base.. and NYX is just ok. Try a color base like a liner or eye crayon.. if you are looking for cheap the Jordana crayons are your best bet. You can go with a coordinating color or even applying a skin tone color base really helps the performance of a low end shadow. They are much stickier than primer and cancel out the natural color of your lids. You don't need a solid layer, just a bit blended out with a brush or your fingers. Some other favorite bases of mine include the Revlon shadow sticks, Rimmel scandaleyes liners or crayons, Milani shadoweyez crayons, Maybelline color tattoos, and Avon cream shadows.

    Next time you are in Sally's grab one of the Palladio mineral shadow quads.. some of the best shadows I've used at any price range. They run about $8.

    The WnW color icon permanent line are all fabulous.. the LE's have been hit or miss for the last couple of years. Unfortunately they discontinued most of the wearable shades of the singles, but Brulee (matte cream) is HG and Nutty (satin brown) is very nice too. Other trios to consider are Sweet as Candy, Don't Steal my Thunder, and Knocking on Wood (recently discontinued but still showing up at stores). Best "bang for your buck" would probably be the 8 pan in Comfort Zone, at $5.99 it's less than $1 a shadow and all wearable colors.

    1. Thank you so much for your input. I will give them another go. I hoped they would stand well enough on their own so I wouldn't have to add something for the makeup sets my program gives out. Being so affordable I will give them another go for sure. I love Palladios foundation primer, it's one of my favorites. I will pick one of the quads up for certain.