Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Urban Decay makeover and a brief rant about Ulta associates.....

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So I had this appointment with an Urban Decay makeup artist at Ulta since the 1st week of beauty steals. I overheard the manager talking about the UD team coming and I stuck my nose in and said hey what’s going on with the Urban Decay event? So she made me the appointment and it was today.*

So let me just say that the very, young man was very nice and very talented. They had set up right inside the front door. Apparently I really didn't need an appointment because I walked in and they offered to do my makeup. He asked me what it was I was interested in and if I used UD products? I told him I would like to see the new Naked foundation, curious if it would give me the amount of coverage I require to feel comfortable when leaving the house. I told him I really just wanted some hands on education. I wasn't interested of course in the new Electric palette because I simply do not wear those types of colors but I could appreciate it from a distance, it was displayed all around where they were set up.

So I love the foundation, it did give me the coverage as well as the hydration I need from a foundation. It matched my skin tone and color, it gave me the flawless finish we all desire from our makeup. He applied a little blush using the orange color in the Electric palette and that was it. No eye shadow, no contouring, just a little foundation and blush. I know this was free but I was just expecting more from an Urban Decay, Ulta event. I thought surely I would get a small goody bag or samples or something. They didn't even pressure me to buy products and it's a good thing because I took zero money.

I want to thank the young man once again, I believe his name was Louis. I am sure he stayed within whatever guidelines where set up for the event. I stayed and walked around looking for self-tanners on clearance and spring items within my $9.00 worth of Ulta reward points. 

For the most part the ladies and gentleman that work at Ulta are nice. I have had some great exchanges with a handful of the associates and the manager at my local location is wonderful however, some of them are just so stuck up it makes me nauseous. One I have in mind I believe is the Lancome specialist. I asked her about a Lorac product and she was just not friendly at all and this is not my first experience with her. I had my brows done a few months ago at the brow bar, by a different associate, it wasn't a great experience either. Come to find out she didn't do some of the things required at one of these appointments and she gave me zero education. I told her I was there to have them shaped for the first time outside of the $8.00 nail salon wax. I was clueless when it comes to keeping my brows up and I told her this. Is this not a customer based business?  Do we want our makeup associates to treat us like we are on a lower level than they are. Do we not stand on the same earth or is their ground just a little more elevated than mine? I have been in the customer service industry for 20 plus years. I just do not understand how this is OK just because they work at a makeup store or counter.

Sorry about the little rant but I know anyone who has been in an Ulta or at the Macy's makeup counter, just a general reference, not a specific counter, has had a similar experience. I am the last person to think I am better than anybody else because I know where I have been... lol

Tomorrow I will post my Theraderm update, it won't be very long because I really haven't noticed many improvements. Thank you all for reading my new About Me page and the comments that were left on my Facebook feed were so sweet, thank you again.

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