Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time 2 Tan

Hi guys, well I had some inspiration come from good ole Facebook today and a lot from a personal experience last night.

Today I want to talk about Self-Tanners and everything that goes along with it.

So yesterday I received a long overdue Hautelook order. As much as I love it, it does take forever sometimes to get the orders and this one was actually cancelled and my money refunded. From things I have read since the statement by customer service saying “we over sold that event” this apparently happens pretty often. Regardless this was my first order with them and they were very nice when I called and spoke to customer service. They refunded my money, gave me a store credit and still sent everything in the Lorac order but one item, the little mint palette, can’t remember the exact name but it’s not relevant to this post. Anyway… one of the items I did receive was the Lorac Face Self Tantalizer Face Bronzing Gradual Self Tanner.

I have been using the Xen-Tan face Self tanner in lite, I had picked this up a  few weeks ago on clearance from Ulta for like $5.99. It goes on like lotion, it’s white with no guide color and did give me a gradual lite tan that I was pretty happy with. So upon getting the Lorac tanner I decided it would probably work to make me a little darker than the lite color I chosen in the Xen-Tan….

OMG, apparently the dark gold color that is there when you put it on is a guide color and thank goodness it was, but I did not know this at the time or even until 6 hours later. My husband took one look and said “now you have taken this too far”. I thought the color just had to soak in. I had went online to read up on tips and tricks for self tanning. I found this awesome site with all kinds of information and it had exactly what I was looking for Tons of great recommendations and advice for the home self tanner. My first question was do I moisturize prior to application? I found out that it was recommended but only with a water based product. I read through some of the other tips and it said to use a tight fitting latex glove or something of the like and I happen to have a few. The morale of the story, I spent about 6 hours the color of a bronze statue. Using the glove kept me from rubbing in the lotion, I guess, not real sure about this. After 6 hours I took a dry cloth just to see what it would do and the dark bronze color came right off. I was so glad I didn’t do this prior to leaving the house and I had 12 plus hours to either work with my new color or try my best to fix it. I guess I say all of this because I read a Facebook post by my 1st cousin saying she was heading into the tanning salon to get toasty. This is so dangerous and with all the great products we have now it’s just not worth the risk. She has beautiful skin and she is only in her early 30’s. I see women I went to school with that went to the tanning bed every day back in high school. Most all of them look at least 5 to 10 years older than I do. Now I have damaged my body in many other ways during my time shooting up drugs. My arms and hands are permanently discolored and I have varicose veins that cover my hands and arms, it’s not pretty. All the long track marks are gone after a couple of years but this will never fade. I’ve never seen this happen to other people that have used IV drugs. I guess God wanted to make sure I never forget and I use it to forge ahead and make sure I don’t do any more damage to my body. Ladies stay out of those dangerous tanning beds and stay out of the sun, if it doesn't kill you it will make your later years much harder on you and your skin care routine. Plastic surgery won’t fix leathery skin or basil cell carcinoma or any other form of cancer.

I am including a few links to tanning products that I have read really great reviews about. The one above with the tips and tricks does promote a product so you may want to check it out as well.

St. Tropez (one of the most popular and highest rated)

Estee Lauder (they have an entire bronze goddess line.)

L'Oreal Paris Sublime ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist (more along the lines I can afford, still very highly rated by all I could find about it.)

Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers (I loved this product for my legs and arms)

Tan Towel (you can find this a ton of places, Ulta, Sephora, Hautelook, Amazon and HSN. Very reasonable.)

This should help you guys with your hunt for your perfect self tanner. Would love to hear what you use and what has worked for you..

Much Love and God Bless

Kelley Jo

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