Friday, April 25, 2014

Tried & True My Love of Makeup Geek Brushes

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I have a confession, I love Makeup Geek. Well not Marlena herself, although I do think she is absolutely brilliant, but her brushes. I know M.G. has just re-released their brushes and I can't wait to order them but my love goes back almost 2 years. I have had the brushes I am in love with for that long. I have spoken about them before but never in the detail that I am about to.

This is the only way I can apply gel liners and that's OK. I learned with this brush along with M.G.’s gel liner in Immortal. This brush has the perfect angle in the bend to lay it flat on the lid and drag it across to make the perfect line. Everything meets and it doesn’t drag itself along. The bristles are thin and have a perfect point. There isn't any short hairs that catch or drag liner all willy nilly. Even with a weekly wash as with all of my brushes it remains the same.

Chisel Shader:

This is the perfect brush for smudging liner or shadow across the top lid as it was designed to do. I keep this brush for my dark shadows that I use as liner and to accentuate my crease. All of the hairs are the same length in the middle then they shorten just slightly at each end. Upon looking for this brush at the Makeup Geek store I found that they do not carry it, I am so sorry, however I am still going to include it to simply lend itself to the quality of these brushes as a whole.

These are both my go to crease brushes. They both look almost exactly the same with the exception of size. I use the larger one for my crease because as the name implies it works best in my crease. It has just the right angle where the hairs go from the longest in the middle to the shorter hairs around the outside. This allows perfect control of your crease color and cuts way down on blending time. The small brush is great for the outer V and is still small enough to carry what’s left of the color down and across your bottom lash line. I can forgo the pencil brush at times because it can be utilized as both.

Just the fact that this brush has stayed as perfect as the day I got it says so much. This brush is soft and is my favorite brush for both cream and powder blush. It gives me complete control of placement my product as well as blends and sheers out product evenly.

I know these brushes might be intended for something other than what I use them for. I think I got the names right but I can’t be certain. I just wanted to write this because a) I’ve not done a post specifically about brushes and b) these are some of my most dependable and I consider them my Holy Grail brushes.
Makeup Geek has a great selection of new brushes and I really can’t wait to order all of them. The quality of the brushes I have is remarkable when I consider what I paid for them. I think they were all under $5.00 at the time when I ordered them 2 years ago. I believe the entire line is of great quality and value. I don't have a lot of it but everything I have ever seen reviewed was very positive. It is absolutely worth a look and if nothing else just order an item or two and try it out.

When I ordered the brushes and the gel liner I had just started watching YouTube videos and figuring out I really had a passion for makeup. Marlena and Makeup Geek helped spark my love of beauty and kept it going to where I am today. I am just beginning to find a place in the beauty industry. I am not going to start a cosmetic company and I don’t believe I am talented enough to be a great MUA. I do plan to change lives of women with makeup through Makeup for a 2nd Chance and that is enough for me.

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