Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Theraderm 1 Month Review

Hi guys, thanks for coming back to my blog.

So tomorrow is my 1 month mark from the time I started the Theraderm Skin Renewal system. I have really been dedicated to using this and just finding out if it works. Keep in mind also that I used the Clinique 3 step system daily since September of last year until the time when I started this system. The products I have are the travel set and you can buy it from their website as well. The travel size set is $20 and the full size set which includes all 4 products is $140. In the world of skin care that is really affordable. A lot of skin care lines are much more expensive, however you can find something that works for almost any budget.

So as I have already told you this was recommended by my Aunt who works for a plastic surgery group and has been with them for like 30 years. She has recommended this product in the past and I wasn’t as concerned with my skin as I have become recently. I had pretty good luck as a teenager and didn’t have acne or any real trouble keeping my skin clear. Even up into my 30’s my skin was in pretty good condition. I never went to the tanning bed and I never spent a lot of time in the sun. Most of my family have medical careers, my mother was an x-ray tech, my aunt and uncle both nurses and I even have a couple of cousins that are in medicine as well. So I was always aware of the dangers of UV light even back when everybody thought the tanning bed wouldn’t hurt them. Of course we know now just how bad the sun and UV light is for our skin.

My chief complaints with my skin now are dark spots, a large one in particular on my cheek and uneven tone and color. The texture of my skin has remained fairly soft and firm. My first goal is to prevent further damage and aging to my skin. I believe I have done that to some extent. I haven’t developed any new dark spots or any noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. I believe from looking back at pictures I have taken to document the effectiveness of the product that the dark spot on my cheek has in fact gotten somewhat lighter in color. I can also tell that the redness in my cheeks is not so bright and easier to cover with makeup. I have also started washing my face prior to using the Theraderm cleanser with a tea tree soap. I have just started doing this in the last week but it does seem to leave my skin less dry than just using the cleanser.

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The travel size has lasted me a month almost to the day. I do still have a small bit of cleanser and step 2 and 3. I am completely out of the application rounds for the acid and I’m out of the moisturizer. I am hoping to get more product and keep going for at least another month so I can have a better idea of how well the product works. Things are kind of shaking up in my world with my husband starting a new job soon. We appreciate all your prayers and well wishes so much and I would like to ask you to please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make this transition.

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