Sunday, April 6, 2014

Theraderm Day 10

Hi all, just a quick update on my Theraderm skin system.

So this is day 10 and I have used it every day since I started.
Just a recap I use my Dermabrush for the 1st step, the cleanser. I try to go over my entire face with longer focus on my dark spot on my cheek and places you might first start to see wrinkles, forehead, laugh lines, crows feet. The 2nd step is the actual acid. The system came with small round application pads that you drop 10 drops of the acid solution onto, then wipe it across face, neck and even eye lids. This has a slight stinging sensation. I thought maybe at first it was the pads and they were just rough on my skin. This wasn't the case, I wiped my face with one without the acid solution and it was soft. This is a great indicator, to me anyway, that the acid is working. This also leaves my face slightly red. This is followed by the 3rd step the repair solution. This has a slight soothing feeling across the skin. Finally it's the moisturizer. I then use my own cocktail of Olay eye cream, 100% argan oil and the Clinique Repairware laser Focus.

So 10 days in I believe the dark spot on my cheek is actually a little lighter and my skin might be slightly softer to the touch. I haven't noticed a real change in my skin in regard to firmness, tone and pores. I never have had any real issues with large pores, hopefully it won’t have a negative enlarging effect. In the morning I use a facial self-tanner so it absorbs and the oils from the night before have been absorbed completely.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who might be looking for a new skin care regimen. I am trying to get my hands on a Clarisonic to see if it might help to accelerate the Theraderm system. For now I only have the Dermabrush, it seems to do a good job at a much better price.

BTW Stila travel palettes will be on in the morning. Right now there are 3 different cosmetic companies and Billion Dollar Brow on Hautelook, and this is the week I am broke. lol

 Much Love and God Bless,


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